Welcome To ThinkNot, Matthew 5:17.

What Would Jesus Do? WWJD

Something that seems to just throw a monkey wrench in to my brain is the fact that most Christians today will say that we should be like Jesus. That he is the Messiah. Yet most of them do not walk as he walked and think you are crazy if you even attempt to follow his example.

Jesus is Jewish. He is of the tribe of Judah.

He kept the “Jewish” holy days so that to me is a big red flag that they are important (the holy days or feast are in Leviticus chapter 23).  When you look at the instruction in the first five books of the bible (known as the Torah) you will see that most begin with: "Speak to the sons of Israel". Israel is Abraham’s grandson. He received the same blessing as his father Isaac who received the same blessing as his father Abraham… to be the father of many nations. Galatians 3:7 states that through faith you (Gentile) are the seed of Abraham. These feast, holy days, or even the Sabbath and clean and unclean foods are not something that have been set apart for one sect of people, they are for all people who choose to follow the instruction of their father God. The reader must understand that these things aren’t Jewish “things” they are Gods “things”. It is God’s Sabbath. They are God’s feast. It is just the Jewish people who have diligently kept them all these years.

Thank God for the Jews

I say thank God for the Jewish people for keeping the feast and keeping Gods Sabbath.  It is through them that we learn Gods commandments and hopefully through us they will learn of Jesus. If you consider yourself to be a seed of Abraham then you must accept these things that are instructed to you by God.

Are You a Son of Abraham?

I was raised in a Baptist church. My father is a Baptist deacon and I can remember singing the song father Abraham has many sons; many sons has father Abraham; I am one of them and so are you; so lets just praise the Lord!  So I have to ask are you a son Israel or aren’t you? I know you have sung that song at least once in your life. (It’s in your head now isn’t it?)  History will show that this anti-Jew campaign was started way back with Constantine. It was he who did not want Christians to be “Judiasing ” It was he that accused them of killing our Lord.

Can Man Kill God?

Do you really think there is a race of people who can kill God?  I don’t.   Jesus allowed himself to be slain as a sacrifice for our sins. He laid down his life at Passover to become the Passover lamb once and for all. For that reason we are to remember his death at Passover not just any time we please. He didn’t just say well la-te-da I think I will get myself crucified today since there is nothing else going on. How absurd! He had a plan, and that plan was to be the Passover sacrifice. All of these “Jewish” feasts tell a story of Jesus. They are the shadow pictures of what has happened then and what is to happen in the future.

You Are Here (Earth)

I have heard it said many times that Jesus came and he fulfilled the “Law” His on words in Mathew chapter 5:17 states it will remain until heaven and earth pass away. You are here on the planet earth at your computer reading this page so obviously earth has not passed away. So we have to assume if earth has not passed away, then heaven hasn’t either because he said heaven and earth together so I will just assume heaven is still intact. He also puts the law in to the same category with heaven and earth in saying that not one jot (smallest letter) or one tittle (stroke of a pen) shall pass away from it until all is fulfilled.

Has ALL Been Fulfilled?

So you have to ask your self has all been fulfilled? We are still awaiting his return so I would have to say no. Through just this one scripture I personally have come to the conclusion that Jesus took nothing from the Law and it is still as important today as it was the day God almighty spoke it and wrote it with his own finger. God is never changing and what ever he says is eternal. 



Updated January - 2018